(Live) Stories
"There is fiction in the space between; The lines on your page of memories" 
-- Tracy Chapman

I like to tell stories. Below you will find clips of me telling stories on stage at Tellus360 through Lancaster Story Slam
Rules for the Slam - live, no notes, no props, no music. As true as I, or anyone else, can remember.

You can click on the titles below to watch the videos.

Rise Above - Grand Slam - November 2016
The one in which I have to tell my kids who won the election.

Panic Switch - August 2016
The one in which The Steelers help me birth my first child. No, seriously.

Career Opportunities - July 2016 - Co-Winner of the Night! 
The one in which I return to work after having my first child.

Brush with Fame - May 2016
The one in which a celebrity settles an argument for me.

Boiling Point - July 2015
The one in which I talk about what comes after the boiling point. Fear the steam.

It's My Job - June 2015

The one in which I have a super-cool boss.

Love Hurts - April 2015
The one (of many) in which my father dies.