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A Synagogue Shooting and the Lie My Six-Year-Old Wants to Tell
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Soccer Mom Savagery
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My Father, His Gun and Me
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Can Not Shaving My Legs Be a Revolutionary Act Against the Patriarchy?
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I don't hate Christmas, but people think I do
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Standing in the Way of a Gas Pipeline Project: Nuns and a Makeshift Chapel
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Day of Unity on Steps of Lancaster County Courthouse
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The Writing Meet Up You've Been Looking For
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Silver Linings - March 2019 - York Story Slam
The one in which sleeping late is the silver lining.

Fine Line - January 2019
The one in which I’m afraid of/in awe of a bartender.

Rise Above - Grand Slam - November 2016
The one in which I have to tell my kids who won the election.

Panic Switch - August 2016
The one in which The Steelers help me birth my first child. No, seriously.

Career Opportunities - July 2016 - Co-Winner of the Night! 
The one in which I return to work after having my first child.

Brush with Fame - May 2016
The one in which a celebrity settles an argument for me.

Boiling Point - July 2015
The one in which I talk about what comes after the boiling point. Fear the steam.

It's My Job - June 2015
The one in which I have a super-cool boss.

Love Hurts - April 2015
The one (of many) in which my father dies.

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